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The publications in this archive span over fifty five years of research in microwaves, millimeter-waves and computational electromagnetics, from 1965 through 2020.

Publications are classified into six categories shown in the Publications submenu. The links in the references point to either the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the publication, or directly to the online electronic archive of the respective copyright holders, such as the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Springerlink, the Wiley Online Library, or the National Library of Canada, or to the personal archive of the authors who own the copyright. Most of these archives require a subscription or a payment of a fee.

Each publication contains also a link Vault to a database which is password protected and inaccessible to the public in accordance with copyright laws.

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Please note that the copyright belongs to the original publishers of the books, theses, journal papers and conference proceedings. Any reproduction and publication of all or parts of the archive content requires written permission from the respective copyright holders.

Updated 30 November 2020